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Konflikt ’47 Short Story: Seaforth’s Ladies

Join the women of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada’s Walker Platoon – Piloting their walkers; A grizzly named Winnie and the three Guardians… View PDF in Store   “Well done Sergeant your platoon has impressed the Brigadier,” said Lieutenant Colonel Goodbar as he followed up behind the Brigadier. “Thank you, Sir,” said Alex a note…

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Spotlight: The Kangaroo Armoured Personnel Carrier

With Canadian Thanksgiving just around the corner, we thought we’d highlight one of their great contributions to the Commonwealth war effort. The Kangaroo APC allowed the infantry to keep pace with their tanks and afforded excellent protection from incoming fire. Background In July 1944, the Commonwealth forces in Normandy found themselves confronted with spiralling casualty rates…

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Re-released: Bolt Action M5 Halftrack

Whether you are a British, Canadian or Soviet commander this halftracked armoured troop transport is just the ticket for moving your troops to where the action is hottest. View in the store. At last! The PBI (poor bloody infantry) have the right troop transport to take them right into the front line. The British and…

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