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Staff Games Night: The Battle of the Two Bunkers!

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British Vs Japanese

By Peter Hely

On Thursday last – an epic battle between the forces of Divine Light, the Imperial Japanese Army, and the Barbarian horde from the grey Northern Isles, the British Army, took place in the cauldron that is Casa de Stallard (the boss’s battle room) for a Warlord staff games night.

The Divine and noble warriors of the Emperor were led by Generalissimo Laura (Trade Despatch) with Jakub and Pete H. (Casting).

The Barbarians from the grey Northern Isles were led by Lord Peter (Hillary’s), Doug (Warehouse Supremo), Lorenzo (Customer Service Supremo) and Wojtek (Designer Extremis).

Their approach was met with steely determination from the warriors of the Emperor…

As the baying from the Dogs of War grew louder the outnumbered and outgunned valiant warriors of the Emperor ready themselves for the onslaught from the Barbarian Horde.

Turn one was spent watching in nervous bewilderment as the Barbarians laboured on to the field of battle. Their approach was met with steely determination from the warriors of the Emperor.

The veterans on the hill and in the bunker fought to the last warrior…

By turn two the Divine Warriors were steadfastly holding their own, the burning wreck of an armoured car evidence of their resolve.

But as turn three unfolded the devious Barbarians unleashed the fire of dragons to turn the left flank of the Emperors finest. Then a bunker fell, calamity! Generalissimo Laura took her chance and charged her men up the hill to regain the lost bunker. But the Barbarians pressed upon the brave defenders from three sides with rifles, machine guns and anti-tank weapons. Our armoured vehicles repeatedly attempted to turn the Barbarians back, but their numbers were too many. Our brave armoured vehicle was set aflame. The veterans on the hill and in the bunker fought to the last warrior. It was the Barbarians in control of the left flank.

On the right flank, the Horde sent his armoured fist to crush our valiant comrades. But to no avail. The Divine Light deflected every shot from their mammoth tank and our brave machine gunners put paid to their armoured cars. The smouldering wrecks a warning to the Barbarian Horde.

Both sides jostled and jousted for possession of the first bunker while the second bunker remained firmly in Imperial hands.

The battle was called at the end of turn four. What can only be described as a travesty saw the result given to the Barbarians?

I would like to thank all those who took part for what was a most enjoyable evening. There were laughs, debates and looks of disbelief aplenty. But it was a marvellous reminder of how much fun table-topping can be when the game is played in the spirit it was played last Thursday night.

I would also like to thank John for inviting us for a staff games night and being the referee for the fight, outstanding!

Our hobby brings people together and that is so much better than sitting alone playing against a computer or staring at the television all evening.

G’Day mates – Pete


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