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Conversion: Tank Riders

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Ever fancied some iconic tank riders for your German forces? Then check out these amazing conversions:


By Sascha Herm


Sascha: I created two groups to fit on a King Tiger and a StuG. I used one complete set of the new plastic seated Infantry that comes in the Maultier/Opel Blitz set. I started by cutting each individual figure off and added (with Green Stuff) details to make them look like winter troops for the Battle of the Bulge.


I also used four figures from the Grenadier & German Infantry Sprues. Various heads, arms and Infantry equipment were used from the Russian and German Plastic sets.


Most of the metal Heads are the new Winter ones though. Onto the painting next. The Tanks have received their ambush paint schemes and awaiting some Winter Camouflage.

Hope you enjoy these great kits – Sascha

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