Spotlight: Jamie’s Last Levy

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We got a chance to take another look at the winner of our Summer Offensive: Painting Competition Individual Unit category. Jamie’s Last Levy impressed the judges with his crisp, clean paint job and exceptional attention to detail. 

My favourite part of the Last Levy is the Hitler Youth kids running around Berlin with panzerfausts. My favourite miniature from the set is the Hitler Youth leader. He’s my favourite because of the detail to his uniform and the way he is confidently carrying his MP-40. He reminds me of a scene in a war movie.

The miniature I least like is the party official as he looks like he has no combat experience.

I chose the Last Levy because of the diversity in characters and uniforms in the unit. I like how they depict the last stand of the war. Young boys and old men alike made to fight with little to no hope of no success.




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