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Spotlight: Imperial Roman Boxed Sets

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In this edition of the Spotlight we will be focusing on our very first range’s boxed sets – The Army of Imperial Rome. The Imperial Roman war machine was unrivaled in its organisation and tactics. With the tough Centurions leading from the front it was the world’s first professional army and for hundreds of years it remained the ultimate fighting machine. The engine of that machine were the citizen soldiers of Rome, The Imperial Roman Legionaries:

Imperial Roman Legionaries

Armored in Lorica Segmentata and carrying their trademark square scutum, gladius, and pilum, the Imperial Roman Legionary was a deadly warrior on the battlefield. This boxed set contains 30 multi-part, hard plastic 28mm tall Imperial Roman Legionaries.


When under heavy fire or advancing upon a structure during a siege action, Imperial Roman Legionaries would adopt a unique formation known as a Testudo or Tortoise. Of course we had to make one for you to field on the tabletop! THis 6 piece resin kit is very popular with Roman players – I mean who would take a Roman army to battle without one or two of these?

Imperial Roman Veterans

Uparmored for the battles on the Dacian front, the grim Imperial Roman Veteran Legionaries feature Manicae arm plates and heavier greaves to ensure that their limbs are protected from amputation in the brutal close combat they regularly face. This boxed set contains 20 multi-part, hard plastic 28mm tall Imperial Roman Veterans.

Imperial Roman Auxiliaries

Auxiliaries is a term used to describe non-native soldiers in Roman service. The term nowadays can almost be read as pejorative, but the auxiliaries of Imperial Rome were hard fighting men! This boxed set contain enough plastic parts to make 24 Imperial Roman Auxiliary models and includes 1 sheet of 35 shield transfers, with a clear background which will work over any coloured shield background.

Imperial Roman Praetorian Guard

Formed by the first Emperor, Augustus in the hope that he would be protected from the fate of his illustrious forebear, Julius Caesar, the Praetorian Guard were the Emperor’s Elite bodyguard and also policed the city of Rome. This boxed set contains 20 multi-part, hard plastic 28mm tall Imperial Roman Praetorian Guard. No Imperial Roman army is complete without a regiment of these distinctive troops.

Imperial Roman War Machines

Imperial Roman battlefield technology included smaller bolt throwers known as Scorpio and larger Ballistae for siege actions and terrorising enemy formations. This boxed set contains 1 Resin Ballista, 3 metal Ballista crew, 2 resin Scorpions, 4 metal Scoprion crew (two of which are only availble in this boxed set), and 1 Optio (only available in this boxed set).

Roman Turf Fort

The Imperial Roman Army was not only devastating on the battlefield, but each Legionary was a skilled builder who could lend his effort to the construction of emplacements and structures like our Roman Turf Fort. This excellent piece of scenery is available as a series of modular parts which enable you to size it perfectly for your tabletop. You can find our entire line of Roman Scenery in the Warlord webstore.

Metal Roman Scutum and Pilum

Roman Leather Covered Scutum

Roman Helmeted Heads

Roman Bare Heads

Last but not least we have an variety of metal and resin Roman Accessories which you can use to enhance your plastic and metal troops like our Roman Scutum and Pila, leather-covered Roman Scutum, Roman Helmeted Heads, and Roman Bare Heads above. The Imperial Roman Army offers you a wide variety of troops to collect drawn from all over the vast Roman Empire. Give them all a look here.