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‘Slammer’ Samuels, United States Paragon Trooper rules

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Captain Harris ‘Slammer’ Samuels volunteered for the US Paragon programme after earning the Silver Star as a young officer in Tunisia. A natural leader and gifted tactician, Samuels was a obvious choice for the Paragon programme and passed all the entry tests easily. The programme’s genetic enhancement worked flawlessly and Samuels quickly mastered the Rift-tech weaponry provided to him, so much so that he has been issued an experimental Heavy Tesla Rifle that is not yet in service with the rest of the programme.

Samuels is an inspiring giant of a man, leading from the front and getting those around him to live up to standards he sets.

Squad Type: Infantry Officer (Captain)
Cost: 175pts (Veteran)
Composition: Slammer Samuels
Weapons: Heavy Tesla Rifle, Tesla Gauntlet
Special Rules:
Get Moving. When Samuels is activated, all friendly infantry units within 6” can immediately remove one pin marker.
Tank Hunter


Heavy Tesla Rifle.

Extremely experimental, the US has miniaturised the Tesla Rift-tech small enough to be employed in infantry weapons. This heavy rifle has two settings, before firing the firer must state which setting he is using:

Dispersed Fire Range 6”-12” Pen 0 ROF 3
Focussed Fire Range 12”-24” Pen +1 ROF 1

Tesla Gauntlet.

The Tesla Gauntlet issued to Samuels combines a pneumatic punch with an electrical discharge. When conducting hand-to-hand combat, Samuels gains a +1 modifier to any damage rolls he makes against infantry targets. Against vehicles it counts as an anti-tank Weapon, giving him the Tank Hunters special rule.


Paragon programme enhanced infantry can move quicker than the average soldier. Samuels has a base movement rate of 8”, and therefore a Run move of 16”.


Paragon Troopers are hard to hurt and heal quickly. Samuels rolls a D6 every time an opponent rolls equal or over his Damage Value; the damage is ignored on a roll of 5+. Weapons with a damage penetration modifier of +2 or greater negate the Tough special rule.

Tank Hunter.

Equipped with the Tesla Gauntlet and specialist grenades, if Samuels wins an assault and scores damage against an armoured vehicle, the effect is resolved on the Damage Result table as for a normal anti-tank penetration rather than as for superficial damage.

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