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Johns Birthday Special: Mule Train!

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Happy Birthday John!


Yes, it’s our benevolent leaders birthday this weekend and we thought we’d treat him (and you) to a cool video about one of his favorite models:

And having survived that experience calmly make your way to the Warlord Store and peruse your flavour of Mule.. and if that’s not enough to have you going mule-mad, take a look at how conversion-crazy RichD (of the Warlord web team) incorporated our Mules into his USMC force for Bolt Action…

Rich D’s fantastic mule conversions:

Rich Mules

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…and of course, we couldn’t forget the birthday boy’s mules as well!

Johns Mule Train7

Johns Mule Train6

John’s Mule Train

Some Mules in Store


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View more Mules in store:

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Celebrate your mule tastic creations by dropping us a line with a couple of pictures to the Warlord Facebook page or share with all over at the Warlord Forum