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Showcase: Steve Palffy’s RSO with Winter Pak40

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Community member and brush-wizard, Steve Palffy has recently been wowing the Warlord staff with some of his latest Bolt Action armour…

One piece which particularly captured our eye was his RSO & Winter Pak40, set on a scenic base – Steve was kind enough to give a step-by-step guide to show you every step of the process:




The models were assembled with an oval base for the gun. The RSO’s doors were left unglued to make it easier to paint the inside of the cabin.


Step 1

Base coat of Flat Earth followed by Wooden Deck Tan to figures and canvas.


Step 2

Dark Yellow applied.


Step 3

Heavilly thinned white is airbrushed in thin squiggly lines to represent snow camo.


Step 4

The display base is covered in texture paint before snow etc will be applied.


Step 5

Details are picked-out and all edges dry brushed in Dark Rust… the canvas edges are then dry brushed with Dark Stone.


Step 6

The tracks and breach of the gun are drybrushed with Natural Steel before a coat of clear gloss … I then applied the decals – and gave another coat of clear gloss again to seal everything.


Step 7

A wash of Oiled Earth is applied to the wheels and tracks – and a Sepia shade wash applied to everything else.



Step 8

A few streaks and stains applied with black shade wash.


Step 9

A little Army painter snow and grass tufts are added to bases.


Step 10

Display/Photography base complete… Army painter snow and tufts added, and  the frame of the base is painted black.


Step 11

A small amount of Vallejo pigments mixed with clear flat and water are applied to the wheels and tracks.


Step 12

After a coat of clear flat, the figures are placed onto the Pak 40 base….and the project is complete!


The Finished Article




13178867_1163575297010625_8535687132817304846_n 13096206_1163577643677057_652105330834657400_n



DIRECT-WGB-004 RSO with Winter Pak40

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