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Pre Order: British Sherman V Troop (including Vc Firefly)

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The Sherman V, a stalwart of British tankers – as the preparations for D-Day built in intensity new equipment was pushed to the front-line troops and today we can proudly present the Sherman V troop including the new plastic Firefly Vc!


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This plastic set includes a troop of 2 Sherman V and 1 of the superb new Sherman Vc ‘Firefly’


By using rules from the Tank War supplement you can field this troop alongside a regular reinforced platoon simply by designating one as your command vehicle and paying +25 pts for the Command vehicle special rule. Remember to keep it secret from your opponent though till the end of the game so he can’t be picked off!

Sherman Vc Firefly in Bolt Action

Often known as the ‘Charlie’ tanks in the field because of the ‘c’ denoting them as rearmed with the 17-pdr. There were enough of them by D-Day to issue 1 per troop, providing the British with a good answer to the threat of the German big tanks.


Cost: 236pts (inexperienced), 295pts (Regular), 354pts (Veteran)
Weapons: 1 turret-mounted 17-pdr super-heavy anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG
Damage value: 9+ (Medium Tank)
Option: May cancel the ‘Easily catches fire’ rue for +10 pts (Firefly Vc)
Special Rules:
Easily catches fire: If a roll on the vehicle damage table results in the vehicle catching fire add D3 pin markers rather than just 1 before taking a moral test

Use your other tanks as a mobile flanking screen to flush out the enemy big guns, then retaliate in kind!


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As with all of our plastic vehicle kits, the Firefly comes with its own sheet of waterslide decals with a variety of unit markings, tank names, and other identifying markings to give your model that additional touch of realism when it takes to the tabletop battlefield!

Full rules for these tanks and the entire British range can be found in the Armies of Great Britain supplement book for Bolt Action – check yours out today:


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