Showcase: Siberian Veterans

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We’ve just had our Siberian Veterans boxed set painted up in all its glory. These tough fighters were hardened by battle in the Far East before being redeployed to take on the Germans.

The box contains metal parts that add on to the plastic Soviet infantry. First there is a stern Commissar bellowing out orders through a megaphone. There is a selection of heads with Mongolian-looking faces, extra backpacks and various new weapons, including guns being wielded in close combat as clubs. Also look out for models with bandaged up injuries.

You can find more information about the Siberian Veterans here.WGB-RI-03-Siberian-Veterans-e WGB-RI-03-Siberian-Veterans-c WGB-RI-03-Siberian-Veterans-d WGB-RI-03-Siberian-Veterans-b


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