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Showcase: Opel Blitz Truck

Aside from having a great name the Opel Blitz was the unsung hero of the German armed forces in all theatres. Over a dozen versions of this reliable truck saw service during the war and we have models with either open or closed canopy.

Not only will this make a great troop transport it will also make a fantastic objective – can you stop the Germans before they get the ammunition/medical supplies/magical artifact off the table?

WGB-WM-153-Opel-Blitz-Open-a WGB-WM-153-Opel-Blitz-Open-c WGB-WM-153-Opel-Blitz-Open-b

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WGB-WM-147-Opel-Blitz-closed-a WGB-WM-147-Opel-Blitz-closed-b WGB-WM-147-Opel-Blitz-closed-c

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If you want to the Blitz’s cargo area you’re in luck – our German Cargo Accessory Pack is ideal for filling transports, acting as stowage on armoured vehicles or as scatter terrain pieces.



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