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Review: Japanese Konflikt ’47 Starter Set

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The Japanese Konflikt’47 Starter Set is the latest full set from Warlord and Clockwork Goblin packed to the brim with all you need to continue your battles into 1947.  isquishpeople from the Konflikting Opinions Blog;

This is the second of our Resurgence Starter Set reviews and I thought I’d take a look at the Japanese starter.   As usual for Warlord this is a combination of a number of plastic kits, in this instance, the Chi-Ha Medium tank and Japanese Infantry boxed set combined with metal and resin casts to add the Rift Tech options (The Exoskeleton Infantry, Compression Turret and Scorpion Light Walker)

As you can see below there are some lovely Japanese models to build within the starter and as usual, the box comes packed full of value.

  • An A5 Softback Konflikt ’47 rulebook
  • 1 Scorpion light Walker (resin & metal)
  • 1 Chi-Ha medium tank with compression cannon (resin, metal & plastic)
  • 24 Japanese infantry (plastic)
  • 5 Japanese Battle Exoskeleton Infantry (metal)
  • Pin Markers
  • 6 six-sided dice
  • 6 Order Dice

With this being a resurgence based starter, the only issue that you will find is that you need to add a copy of the resurgence book to your basket to play the army right out of the box.

I spent some time looking at the options and decided how I would field this army, to see how many points I could get out of the box. Normally when we do these, we try and squeeze the most points that we can from a starter. In this instance, however, I’m going to take a leaf out of James’ book and write a list focussing around the background that we have available. This will be a force based in the Pacific and as such, I’ll build a squad based on the information for that region.


The plastic boxed set will make me a Veteran Officer on his own:

2nd LT (Veteran) – 65 pts

13 man IJA Veteran Army Squad – 11Veterans with rifles, 1 with type 96 Machine gun, 1 SGT with SMG – 192 pts

11 man IJA Veteran Army Squad – 9 Veterans with rifles, 1 with type 96 Machine gun, 1 SGT with SMG – 166 pts

Veteran Battle-exoskeleton suit Squad – 95 pts

Regular Sasori Light Walker – 125 pts

Regular Chi-Ha tank with Compression Cannon – 165 pts

808 pts.


Not a bad little list. If I had one of these on my shelf I’d definitely be tempted to build something like the above list and then flesh that out to 1000 points by adding a second Battle-exoskeleton squad and a couple of anti-tank rifles. Maybe add a blister or sprue of Japanese Infantry to bulk the second squad up to full strength.


That should give you a very manoeuvrable and flexible list that will have the ability to push over a table and compete for objectives whilst threatening hard targets with the anti-tank rifles and compression cannons.

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