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Painting an Army: part 2

Last time we saw Jonas and Bo from Army Painter they’d built and based several large units of our plastic Imperial Romans. With their self-imposed deadline to completely paint the army in a single day they were all ready to get stuck into the meat of the project.

Onto the task at hand! Whilst the chaps at Army Painter have built and based the entire army already they’ll now be breaking the painting down into smaller chunks.

First stage is to give them a spray…

Using Army painter’s soon to be released Colour Primer: Plate Mail Metal they gave the whole unit a good coating. When this was dry it was time to get stuck into the basecoating…

Happily our hero has the constitution of an ox and has little trouble basecoating units in a single bound!

With the unit fully undercoated it’s time to use their secret weapon – Army Painter Quick Shade dip! Quick Shade is great for getting big armies painted fast but also looking very nice indeed.

The result of the dip is startling – in next to no time we now have two full units fully painted. Army Painter dip is truly a marvellous creation. Best of all there are three different shades so you can deliver great results no matter what you’re painting.

60 down – 180 to go!

With trademark beer in one hand and a tin of Quick Shade dip in the other our two heroes return to the fold as they aim to finish the full army in under a day.

The same process as above yields great results quickly and it’s not long before we have all of the legionaries completed and we’re on the home stretch. Next up is applying transfers to the shields!

This army will be on show on our stand at Salute. Pop over and take a good look at what two sterling young chaps can achieve with the right tools – highly detailed Warlord Games miniatures and Army Painter painting products!