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Speed Painting an Army: part 1

When we received an email from our old pals Jonas and Bo at Army Painter we knew we were in for a lively time! At the heart of their email was a trademark Bo idea – paint a huge Roman army in next to no time! From anyone else it would have been laughed off but with these chaps we knew they’d deliver the goods.

With a large box of Warlord Games Romans sprues in their possession our two Danish heroes set about the task with gusto and more than a little beer. Over to you guys!

Bo: you guys are witnessing a historic (pun intended) speedpainting event. Not the usual speed painting event where the end result is a group of 12 year olds covered in acrylics – this is about producing a great looking army for the battlefield in a ridiculously short timescale.

When we offered to use our painting system on an army of Warlord Games Romans we were given just one week to finish it all. Quite a daunting task! At Army Painter we laugh in the face of challenges like this and thought we’d go one step further…

We’ll go all in and assembly and paint a legion in just one day!

To be continued!

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All our innovative products are designed to allow you, the wargamer, to quickly and with little effort produce stunning looking models or armies of toysoldiers – ready for gaming. It is our Ethos that everybody should be allowed the opportunity to have a presentable and good looking army without necessary using half a life to finish it. Combine a Quick Shade with one of our revolutionary Colour Primers and you will see for yourself just how fast and easy it can be to finish an army.

Our website is bristling full of tutorial and inspirational galleries and you would miss out if you did not give it a go. Speed-painting has just been redefined: Get more time for gaming!

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