Hail Caesar, Roman, Showcase

Recipe for Success

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Take one talented painter and add in several finely-detailed and dynamically-posed Warlord Games miniatures. Sprinkle lightly with the revolutionary The Army Painter hobby products and leave to simmer over a low heat before serving up a veritable feast of wargaming goodness to your enthusiastic guests!

This week Dr Phil Hendry has surpassed himself. Fresh from his adventure with Roman Auxiliaries last week he’s upped the ante by producing even better results!

First up is one of our favourite Warlord models – the Primus Pilus. The most senior Centurion in the Legion this tough old soldier is seen leading a Roman wedge formation deep into the enemy line – fear for his foes!

Next we see his Legionary command section – the finish on the face mask sported by the Vexillarius is amazing and really shows off these superbly sculpted models perfectly.

The Centurion walks with his trademark vinestick under army much like a modern day Sergeant Major would carry his swagger stick. There’s no doubt his vinestick has played merry hell with the back of his men!

The Cornicen and Vexillarius ably support the Centurion. The Vexillarius wear a cavalry helmet with face plate – spooky and cool in equal measure!

Last but not least are more pics of the newly released Scorpion Catapult. Another great paintjob by Phil but he’d be the first to say that The Army Painter quickshade dip makes achieving great looking armies fast so easy it’s almost cheating!

For more from Dr Phil check his blog out!