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One of the most popular parts of our newsletter is Sneak Peeks. This week’s offering will be no different as we have loads of new goodies to tempt you with!

Imperial Roman Officers

They’ve been a while coming but they are most definitely worth waiting for! Roman Top Brass wore pretty much the same equipment be they Tribune or Legate. If there was a discernable difference it would be in the colours and trim of their tunics. This means that our Roman Officers can be fielded as either a Tribune or Legate to suit your needs!

Both models are full of character and ably portray the highborn, aloof nature of much of the Roman High Command as they serve in the Legions to further their own political careers.

Marching Legionaries

One of the iconic images of the Imperial Roman legion is that of it marching – Legionaries would be expected to regularly march up to 22 miles a day. Carrying all manner of equipment they hung much of it off a simple wooden yoke. Legionaries became known as Marius’ Mules after General Marius who implemented these yokes to cut down the size of the Legion’s baggage train.

Celtic Warrior Women

There are plenty of accounts of female Celts joining their menfolk on raiding parties and in battle. Within the Celtic world, women had equal rights with men. They could inherit wealth with full rights of ownership and could be elected to any office. Tribal queens, such as Boadicea and Cartimandua, are well known examples and women were admitted to war councils and were clearly influential. There is an account of a group of Brigantian captives was brought to Rome in the reign of Claudius they automatically assumed his wife, Agrippina the Younger, was the ruler and ignored the Emperor while making their obeisance to her…

Our female Celt models will fit nicely into your unit of plastic Celtic Warriors, providing even more variety. Alternatively you could even form them into their own unit! Here are just 3 of the models soon to be released…