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Prepare for the Western Desert Campaign

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You’ve got to see them to believe it – the detail on the upcoming Warlord Games plastic Afrika Korps is out of this world!

Warlord Games own plastic German Afrika Korps

We are proud to bring you our very own plastic German Afrika Korps!

plastic Afrika Korps frames

Everything you need for these 6 Afrika Korps troops, right down to your map and compass, is on this plastic frame – we especially like the 18 different heads!

Frame includes:

  • 5 Rifles
  • 2 MP 40
  • 1 MG34
  • 1 Anti-tank rifle
  • 1 Light 50 mm mortar
  • Plus assorted entrenching tools, packs, ammo cases, ammo pouches, water bottle, pistol, grenade, and map

Heads include:

  • 1 Officer cap
  • 7 Helmeted (with and without goggles)
  • 4 Feldmütze (Field caps)
  • 6 Pith Helmets

You’ll get 5 of these plastic frames along with the, soon to be pre-ordered, Afrika Korps box set (due for release and in stores late September).


If you can’t wait for your Afrika Korps then be sure to get in and Pre-order your complete set now – for release early September…

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