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Painting a Hanomag pt3: Transfer and Finish

The “Hanomag” is almost done; it’s been assembled, sprayed with the new Bolt Action Colour Primers and painted using a mix of Warpaints.

In this final part of the tutorial I’ll add transfers and finish of the gunner.

Step 14: the story so far

The “Hanomag” almost done.

Step 15: transfers

Add the transfers from the box following the usual instructions; soak in water, slide onto the model, remove excess water with a bit of tissue.

Next you seal the transfer in place by painting on Warpaints Anti-Shine Matt Varnish. Better to use 2 or 3 thin layers than one that is too heavy.

After this, I added a bit of my battle worn inks to the transfers, so the symbols didn’t look out of place on the “Hanomag”. Again I used Warpaints Quickshade Strong Tone Ink and the upcoming Warpaints Quickshade Green Tone Ink.

Step 16: the gunner

I painted the gunner separately. He was primed with Bolt Action Colour Primer: German Field Grey. Skin with Warpaints Barbarian Flesh, black boots and gun – drybrushed with Warpaints Uniform Grey.
Finally I glued the gunner in place using a spot of Super Glue.

Step 17: Get more time for gaming!

That was it. Let the Bolt Action Colour Primer sprays do most of the work for you and you can have your army painted and still have time left over for a game or two.

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