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PzIII c Andy Singleton Op Sanddune

It’s been a while since we put something together to cover myself, Sam Phillips and Carl Titterington’s ongoing desert forces in our ‘Operation Sand Dune’ project, however we have recently gotten together on Youtube to have a chat about where we are up to, and it seemed an opportune time to show you where you can find our respective projects and logs. The latest chat with the three of us can be found on Carls channel T’s creative ramblings, but here’s a link as I like to be nice, sometimes.

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Sam Phillips:- Jeep Enthusiast

SAS 5 Sam Phillips

Sam has been collecting an SAS force, and has now finished his assembly and painting and is starting to get some games in with them, and is also contemplating where to go next with them.
You can read Sam’s building of the force on his blog the Warriors Workbench here:

Sams Warrior Workbench Blog

SAS 3 Sam Phillips


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Carl Titterington :- Rat fancier

Crusader Karl Titterington Op Sanddune

Carl has been working hard on getting his Desert Rats force completed, and has recently finished some vehicles. He has written up the colours and paints he’s used on them in this article:

View Carls British Article

Bedford and Desert rats Karl Titterington Op Sanddune

Carl has also been busy making terrain for the desert too, and has several ‘how to’ videos on his Youtube channel – T’s creative ramblings, including barbed wire and mine fields, as well as discussing his future plans for an Indian army force as well. You can find Carl’s channel here:

View Carls Operation Sand Dune YouTube Video Series

25pdr Karl Titterington Op Sanddune


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Andy Singleton :- Panzer pedlar

I’ve now finished the core of my DAK army, consisting of a variety of flavours of Panzer, and am now considering where to go next with them. I’ve still a few more vehicles I’d like to add, but after that I think I’ll be bringing some Konflikt ’47 to the desert, either that or Desert Rats with the new Churchill kit

To help people who may be unfamiliar with desert vehicles I’ve produced a guide to painting DAK armour quickly and simply here:

How To Paint DAK Armour Article

PzIII Andy Singleton Op Sanddune

As well as a rough guide to the tactical capabilities of these machines here:

Panzer Tactics Article

I’ve also been chronicling my building on my own blog, and you can read about how I constructed my vehicles and the thinking behind them here:

Volleyfire Painting Blog

PzIII b Andy Singleton Op Sanddune


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In addition to this, Carl and I are also 2 of the three hosts on the podcast The Brit, The Yank, and The Hobby, where we discuss history and modelling and have 2 episodes so far devoted to the desert. Episode 1 covers the Siege of Tobruk, and episode 6 covers the battles of El Alamein. You can find us on Facebook, where we talk about how these battles can be brought to the table top with the aid of Duel in the Sun, here:

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We do have some other articles scattered through the Warlord page as well, with more to come, so stick our names into the search engine and keep your eyes peeled to the newsletter to see what’s coming soon!