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Operation Berlin: Yorkshire Renegade’s Display part 2

Yorkshire Renegade Berlin Update 2 (14)

Rich Goss from The Warshack has been keeping us updated with the Yorkshire Renegade’s club display game progress – as we come in to the final countdown, will they complete it all in time?

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Yorkshire Renegade Berlin Update 2 (16)

Rich: Yes! Now having completed the majority of the work as a group, we’ve had time to sit back and absorb our efforts so far – So, over the weekend, with numerous grinning smiles, we tested the terrain for the first time and a handpicked a few Ostfront rules to spice up the game, including mine fields and the additional rubble rules. (These worked a treat and are a must for any city fight!)

During the game we had time to reflect on the journey we had made with this project.

Research started pretty much straight after our last display game at Derby last year. This firstly consisted of simple google search for images to inspire us to build some sort of city board. We soon created a great looking image board to get them creative juices pumping and settled on Berlin as our destination and the Brandenburg gate as our centrepiece.

More specific research followed including some great in depth reads from the Osprey Campaign series, in particular the “Berlin 1945 End of the Thousand Year Reich” book which highlighted particular events and showed some great maps, giving a good sense of the dense terrain the brutal and terrifying fighting that took place.

With such an ambitious project it is important to spread the work load out and share out tasks, this is something that I’ve only really appreciated recently. Berlin required lots of little parts to help build the bigger picture. We conscripted eager group members into completing numerous tasks over the course of a couple of months. These tasks included, laser cutting windows, laboriously preparing each individual window ready for construction, undercoating buildings with big brushes and spray painting lots and lots of brick walls.

Alongside the smaller tasks, group event days we’re also organised allowing us to spend the day building the bulk of terrain from foam and to get the whole lot painted within a relatively short space of time spread over several sessions. So as I reach this point I feel it is an appropriate time to thank all the Renegade members who have contributed their spare time and efforts to help bring this project to life. I personally cannot wait to start the next couple of projects in the not so distant future so watch this space.

As the Derby show looms on the foggy horizon we’re hoping for plenty of carnage, lots of tears and a overall a jolly good time playing the game that we’ve all worked so hard to complete. Please do pop over to our table and have a chinwag with us.

Yorkshire Renegade Berlin Update 2 (33)

You’ve got to agree, the guys have worked seriously hard to put on an impressive display at this years World Wargames Show in Derby – so if you’ve been tempted to head out to a show for a first look, no more excuses, get on down and meet the guys Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th October 2015: