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Gallery: Anthony ‘Patch’ Omeara’s Trio of German vehicles

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Patch from WWPD recently got in touch with an update on his latest projects – including a trio of our German vehicles painted in a relatively simple but highly effective colour scheme.

He used a Dunkelgelb base before chipping and weathering the vehicles to add realism – giving his troops some eye-catching support in the field!


Patch opted to up-gun the standard Stug ausf G with a deadly 105mm howitzer, making a StuH 42.





Mounting a 15cm 10-barrel rocket launcher atop an armoured Maultier halftrack truck, the Panzerwerfer was the spiritual successor to the Nebelwerfer (mounting the same rocket tubes). The Nebelwerfer was vulnerable to enemy counter-battery fire as it left conspicuous smoke trails when fired – the Panzerwerfer’s mobility kept enemy gunners guessing.



A picture speaks a thousand words…


The monstrous Sturmtiger was based upon the early Tiger chassis, with the turret removed and replaced by a huge, heavily armoured citadel – designed to accommodate the colossal 38cm naval rocket launcher.

The Sturmtiger was designed to trundle slowly up to fortified enemy positions, and blast them to smithereens with its huge explosive projectile.


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