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Out today we have Waffen-SS Cavalry and a Cavalry NCO and LMG team – each set containing 3 mounted models as well as the dismounted versions in matching gear:


The SS Cavalry Brigade (SS-Kavallerie-Brigade) was formed from cavalry regiments created for occupation duties in German-occupied Poland. It served in the front lines during the opening moves of the war on the Russian Front where it comprised of 2 regiments. In 1942, the brigade was disbanded and became the cadre of the 8th SS Cavalry Division (Florian Geyer).

Florian Geyer and it’s offshoot, the 22nd SS Volunteer Cavalry Division (Maria Theresia), served primarily on the Eastern Front both in front line and on anti-partisan operations as well as in Romania and Hungary. Both divisions would be all but destroyed in Budapest.

The remnants of both divisions would form to become 37th SS Volunteer Cavalry Division (Lützow) early in 1945, seeing action against Stalin’s Red Army before eventually surrendering to American forces in May of that year.


This pack contains 3 mounted cavalrymen and their dismounted alter egos. All three are armed with Kar98k rifles and wear the distinctive SS camo smock.

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This pack contains an SS officer in both mounted and dismounted guises, supported by a two-man MG34 LMG team also in both mounted and dismounted forms.

All of the SS Cavalry figures utilise our Figure head system of separate heads, allowing you to chop and change to suit your own preferences whilst putting the models together.

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