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Deploy your armoured forces for Tank War with these two great value tank platoon boxed sets – the US Armoured Platoon and the Soviet Tank Platoon!


Containing three of our new plastic M4 Sherman tank kits as well as associated waterslide decal sheets, you’ll be able to field the classic US Armoured Division platoon at a great price!

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The Soviet Tank Platoon contains 3 our the potent plastic T-34/85 tanks  plus full-colour waterslide decals. In addition there is a sprue of 8 multi-pose plastic Soviet infantry that you can place on your T-34s as tank riders!

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You’ll find loads more information, including historical details and Bolt Action gaming tips in our M4 Sherman Platoon Guide and T34/85 Platoon Guide. Also check out our step-by-step guide to painting Sherman tanks.