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New: Sir Oswald Mosely + BUF Leader, Squad and Support Squads!

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Sir Oswald Mosely and his blackshirts (the BUF) are patrolling the streets of Britain to help the German forces and seek a union between Britain and Germany.

Sir Oswald Mosely, 6th Baronet


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An Anglo-Irish aristocrat, Mosley fought on the Western Front and was later elected to Parliament as the Conservative MP for Harrow on an anti-war policy. He jumped ship to Labour over the use of the infamous Black & Tans in Ireland, then joined the ILP and became a prominent Fabian, eventually starting a new left-wing party which failed in 1931.



He made another abrupt turn and joined the fascists, initially modelled upon Mussolini’s party but then increasingly the Nazis, which rapidly lost him mass support. Mosely was dangerously charismatic. Adolf Hitler apparently had plans for Mosely had Britain fallen noting rather sinisterly that, ‘(Mosely) could never become a real leader like himself (but) his role is not over yet.’


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BUF Group Leader


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The officer class of the I squad were known as group leaders, a ‘group’, being roughly similar to a platoon or company of the British Army. They were divided into senior and junior leaders, roughly equivalent to captain/major and second/first lieutenant.

They tended to consist of men who had been NCOs in the regular army or young sprigs from the upper-middle and upper classes, the BUF being relatively free of class distinctions as it was a revolutionary movement.


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BUF Action Squad


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Some Blackshirt volunteers might have military experience, but most would be impressionable and not very bright young men or street thugs. They are therefore classed as Inexperienced.


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BUF anti-tank and support squads


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The BUF had no access to military artillery of any sort so were required to make improvised rocket-mortars from blasting materials stolen from quarries and so forth.

A handful of Boys anti-tank rifles with limited amounts of ammunition were seized in a raid on a Territorial Army magazine. These rare and tricky weapons would be given to ex-military veterans with some training wherever possible.


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BUF Fifth Column


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This bundle contains 2 BUF Action Squads, 1 BUF Anti-tank team + support team, 1 BUF Group Leader with two BUF bodyguards and Oswald Mosely with his retinue, this will give you:

  • 1 Metal Oswald Mosely with 2 metal bodyguards
  • 1 Metal Group leader with 2 metal bodyguards
  • 20 Metal BUF members, armed with a variety of weaponry
  • 1 Boys anti-tank rifle team
  • 1 Improvised mortar team

A great way to start your BUF in preparation for the “Invasion of Britain” campaign – coming this summer!

Grab Operation Sea Lion!

Sea Lion Cover 72dpi

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The Invasion Starts Today!


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