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New: Napoleonic French Mule Train ‘The Carrot’

Sometimes the hardest contributors to war aren’t even human, the new Napleonic French Mule Train ‘The Carrot’ is carrying essentials to help Napoleon rule France with an iron fist.


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Following the French wherever it marches, mule trains are invaluable as they relieve the stress of the troops carrying heavy essential equipment. Ensure it doesn’t fall behind otherwise the enemy might sneakingly steal or kill the poor mule!


It may not be taking position on the front line but the mule train can function as the perfect objective marker. Or maybe a scenario like this: ‘Your mule train has fallen behind and your scouts have reported that a detachment of Englishmen are chasing it down, you have to save the pay chest before the English capture it for themselves – defend the mule!’.


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