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New: British Expeditionary Force Infantry Section

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The British are equipped with the finest gear and weapons and ready to take on the enemy scourge is the new BEF infantry Section.


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This box set contains a metal 10-man section:

  • NCO with rifle
  • 2-men Bren gun LMG team
  • 7 riflemen


The British Expeditionary Force was an army of nearly a third of a million troops sent out to France to try to resist aggression from Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. Allied with Belgium and powerful French forces, it fielded ten infantry divisions, artillery, tank brigades and supporting air squadrons.

General Lord Gort’s BEF fought well, but were outmanoeuvred all too often, leading to tactical withdrawal and the heroic but tragic retreat at Dunkirk during May and June of 1940.


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BEF Expeditionary Force

Replay the desperate struggles and heroic actions of the British Expeditionary Force by adding your single section to an expeditionary force set and get your platoon into action!WGB-BI-05-BEF-b
This Boxed Set contains:

  • Officer and two attendant Riflemen
  • 10-man section including Bren Gun LMG team
  • 2-man Light Mortar Team
  • 2-man Anti-tank Rifle Team
  • 3-man MMG Team
  • Box set contains 20 metal miniatures.

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These bloodied but unbroken troops reformed and re-equipped on home soil, becoming a vital part of the regular army as Britain then prepared for the planned German invasion of her shores – Operation Sea Lion…

Get ready for the invasion!

New scenarios – New equipment – New challenges await!
Sea Lion Cover 72dpi

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Join the British Army!


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