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New: Plastic terrain!

We have more new plastic terrain pieces from Renedra for you this week they’ll be a great addition to your scenery collection.

Saxon Tents

A great addition to your Dark age battlefield are these plastic Saxon tents. The pack contains 4 tents – two open and two closed.

Palisade Fencing

With a wide variety of uses this crude palisade fencing can be used for virtually any battlefield! There are two sprues in the pack, each with four 75mm lengths plus 5 posts. Total length of fencing is 600mm per pack.

Wattle & Daub Fencing

Ancients, Dark Ages and Medieval players rejoice – this is just the job for setting the scene on your battlefields. Of course, the fences could be used much later too to represent poorer area of society…

Each Frame consists of five sections, each 124mm long and two sections, each 60mm long plus a gate. Total length is 740mm of fencing. There are two different packs – one with a single sprue and one containing two sprues.

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