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Focus: Bolt Action Commandos!

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Time to look at that most feared of raiding forces – the Commandos! Check this article out in full to see them in all their multi-pose glory!

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 Loads of options pepper the sprue along with plenty of pose-able plastic goodness. The modeling possibilities are vast!

With the option of building your Commandos with tin hat or their trademark green beret this set also includes the deadly Fairbairn-Sykes combat knife, smatchet close quarters blade and the Commando bergen backpack.


Striking from the sea, most often from the dark, the army and naval Commandos caused great apprehension to German sentries and garrisons all over occupied Europe in their daring hit and run raids. The brainchild of Winston Churchill himself who had seen the damage Boer commandos could do to a static defensive force at first hand.

This elite force (volunteers all) was Britain’s only viable way of taking a land war to the all conquering German army, who had thought themselves safe from Britain’s land forces.

Inside each box you’ll find:

  • Enough plastic components to make 25 British Commando miniatures. Includes a host of options to
    allow for different weapon configurations and command models.
  • Weapons included: Lee Enfield rifle No. 4 (plus scoped and bayoneted versions), Bren light machine gun,
    Thompson sub-machine gun, 2″ mortar, Sten gun sub-machine guns, Webley revolver, Mills bomb grenades,
    bandoliers and the Tommies’ trusty shovel!
  • Round plastic bases (25mm diameter).
  • Construction leaflet.
  • Decals Set (including shoulder flashes for French /Inter-Allied units)

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The popular perception of the Commandos is a small unit of men stealthily coming ashore with blackened faces to knock out some vital installation. Check out these:


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And whilst that is indeed true, the Commandos also fought as entire divisions on many occasions – truly a sight to strike fear into the hearts of Jerry and his chums! Indeed, Mark Barber, wrote a full and comprehensive background with ‘Official Bolt Action army listings’ for 47 Royal Marine Commando. Check it out here:

View 47 Commando rules article

The Warlord British Commando Range

Lord Lovat, Piper Millin, & Brigadier Peter Young

Lord Lovat was one of those characters you couldn’t make up. Tall, handsome and brave, he was born to the task of command, being in fact a Highland Laird. It was Lord Lovat who famously fought his way in land on D-Day to cross the bridges held by the British Paras, carrying a rifle, accompanied by his faithful bagpiper Millin!


Millin was banned from playing when under fire by the English War office but Lovat claimed that it clearly could not apply in this case as they were Scottish! Millin survived cold water and enemy bullets, causing consternation and surprise wherever he went, some think he was not shot at by the Germans as they thought he was clearly insane!

It would seem that Millin came ashore in kilt but discarded it inland, so we have included both leg variants for trousers and full kilt so you can decide how to represent him.

Finally is the extraordinary maverick Brigadier Peter Young. Amongst Britain’s most interesting and most decorated soldiers, ‘The Brig’ was legendary in the Commandos. His troop was the only one to fully succeed at the disaster of Dieppe. Charismatic and intelligent, he was quite the pirate, but his men would go to extreme lengths to never let him down. We have him portrayed here with his trusty (‘borrowed’) Garand and cane. After the war he went on to be a top historian and write a best selling book about war gaming!

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Vickers K

By their nature as specialist raiders, Commandos go to battle lightly equipped in terms of weaponry. However, they made good use of Vickers K machine guns


Formerly aircraft-mounted machine guns – with their high rate of suppressive fire. These 2-man teams comprise a Vickers K gunner and his No 2 laden with extra ammo

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Vickers Heavy Machine Gun

Whilst the Commandos did a lot of raiding and slitting of German sentry’s throats in WW2, they also fought in epic pitched battles requiring heavy kit to make the enemy keep his head down!


This then is the Vickers machine gun. Given enough belts of 303 ammo and enough water to cool its barrel, this reliable gun would fire indefinitely. It is served by 3 crew.

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3” mortar

When the Vickers gun couldn’t get a bead on the enemy, the good old 3” mortar was brought into action, lobbing its lethal shells high before whistling down to spray shrapnel on those not able to find cover in time.


The three inch mortar was used in all theatres by the Commandos and was a reliable and hard hitting weapon. The Warlord model is served efficiently by its crew of three.

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The Centaur IV close support vehicle was developed to provide much needed firepower for a seaborne assault. It equipped the Royal Marines Armoured Support Group and was first used in Normandy. Armed with a terrifying 95mm howitzer, firing a shell of 15 kilos, the Centaurs helped get the assault troops onto the beaches and on in land, even opening up from the landing craft.


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LVT-4 Water Buffalo

Carrying troops, light vehicles and essential supplies, either from ship to shore or during perilous river crossings, the LVT-4 Buffalo was used by US, British and Canadian forces from the Pacific to Northern Europe. The British often converting the weaponry to the fast firing Polsten Cannon! Check out a recent article on Rich Dando’s conversions here.

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Get your Commando Troop into action

Now you’ve seen some of the collection it’s time to dive in, get building & painting, and onward to action!


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Landing Craft LCA N062

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Typhoon 1.72nd

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Commando 1942-45

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