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This latest addition to the world’s most comprehensive range of 1:56 scale vehicles is the Panzer I Ausf. B – a handy addition to German forces during the Second World War and also during the fighting in the earlier Spanish Civil War.


Fighting alongside the smaller Panzer I Ausf. A, the Ausf B initially formed a key element in the German-led Condor Legion during the civil war in Spain, facing the Soviet-supplied T-26 light tanks of the Republican cause.


Having tested it’s mettle in the Spanish Civil war, the Ausf B would take to the field of battle in the Second World War’s formative years, making up a large portion of the German panzer element. Despite its relatively thin armour and light armament, the Ausf B saw extensive action in the invasions of Poland and France, the desert war in North Africa and the invasion of the Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa.


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