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New: Early Highlander Axemen and Javelinmen

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Our first release for the Bronze Age Zagros, Taurus & Anatolian Highlanders are the Early Highlander Axemen and Javelinmen:


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These models can represent the Lullubians, the Gutians, Turukkeans and the Elamites of the Zagros Mountains; and the early Hurrians of the Anatolian & Taurus Highlands.


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You could mix the Highlander Javelinmen and Axemen to create a tribe of Highlanders, or just keep the Axemen and Javelinmen as different classes of warrior.

Wealthier Highlanders may have possessed axes and for a Chief’s retinue or bodyguard you may wish to mix in some of the Early Household Axemen, who have helmets, for greater variety.

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