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New: Multi-Period Plastic Buildings

Out today we have four new plastic building kits from Tabletop Workshop and at a great price!

These great kits are fully detailed inside and out and they actually clip together without the need for any glue!

The roofs are not only removable so you can put models inside, but also interchangeable between the kits, allowing you to vary the look of your scenery. Two storey buildings also have a removable first floor to allow you to place models on both floors.

These buildings will work well for wargames of any period from medieval right through to World War II. They will also work very well for fantasy games! So they’ll make a flexible addition to your scenery collection..

Medieval-Chapel-Box-Artwork 28MEDCHAP-Medieval-Chapel-b 28MEDCHAP-Medieval-Chapel-c

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Merchant's-House-Box-Artwork 28MEMERC-Merchant-House-b

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Cottage-Box-Artwork 28MEDCOTT-Cottage-b

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