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New: M5 A2 Coyote/Guardian Light Walker

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Stalking forward and into combat for both the US and British forces in 1947 comes the Coyote/Guardian Light Walker


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November 1946 – February 1947

With Europe suffering the worst winter in memory, military activity slows to a crawl. Air operations struggle to have any impact and the Germans take advantage of the weather to consolidate their positions. At night, German and American super-soldiers conduct their own war within a war. All sides use the respite to develop increasingly sophisticated weaponry and restore the fighting strength of their forces.

March 1947 This is now…

Since its introduction in late 1945, the Coyote has served with distinction in all theatres and environments. Manouverable, well-armed, and mechanically reliable the Coyote has proven adaptable to any combat role, from recce to urban assault.


Armed with 2 fists, a light machine gun, and a forward facing heavy machine gun, it’s an agile light walker used by both US and British forces (known as the Guardian). Tactically deployed to support your platoons singularly, it’s a potentially devastating combination as a platoon.

Data File: Guardian

A variation of the US Coyote light walker, the Guardian is used by the British to support infantry in close terrain and assaults. Heavily armed, mounting an MMG and infantry Flame Thrower plus its fixed forward HMG, it is somewhat limited by its crew of one. Nevertheless this light walker is versatile and popular with the troops it supports.

Pack Contains:

  • 1 resin Coyote/Guardian Light Walker
  • all metal components required to make the M5A2 Coyote
  • all metal parts to make the British Guardian

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Coyote Platoon

The chaps over at Clockwork Gobin gave us an excellent update recently on using platoons of walkers in you games of Konflikt’47, check them out here:

Walker Platoons in KF’47

459910401 M5 A2 Coyote Light Walker Platoon


  • x3 Coyote/Guardian Light Walkers with options for both US (with LMG) or British (with Flamer) variants.

Full rules for the Coyote can be found on page 157 and the allied Guardian on page 174 of the konflikt ’47 rule book.

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