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New: Laser-cut Rorke’s Drift buildings!

Ever since we launched our awesome Rorke’s Drift! and Horns of the Buffalo battle sets we’ve been asked whether we would ever release the laser-cut buildings separately. One day, we said, one day. That day is now here – you can get your hands on the hospital and the storehouse right here…

As you can see from the images here, the roof lifts off to show a detailed interior. There are sections of walling that can be removed to represent battle damage and provide gaps for your troops to fight through.

Supplied along with the laser-cut walls is teddy bear fur thatch which is also laser-cut. allowing you to easily give the roof a thatched look.  Easy to follow construction diagrams are included and you’ll have this on your battlefield in no time at all!

For those of you tempted by these great-looking buildings you might well be more interested in our Rorke’s Drift! battle set. Not only does it contain both buildings but also a welter of extra terrain pieces as well as plastic British and Zulu miniatures!

For the true enthusiast is our Horns of the Buffalo set. This is the ultimate Rorke’s Drift wargaming experience as it adds loads of extras onto the already superb Rorke’s Drift! battle set.

Of course, if you are looking for troops to defend these buildings look no further than our plastic British Redcoats. Positioned in classic firing line formation, these are just the lads to repel those nasty Zulus…

Speaking of Zulus, you can easily build a cost-effective force of these brave warriors with our two plastic Zulu boxed sets.

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