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New: Konflikt ’47 US Mudskipper Jump Walker

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Leading the assault lands the Mudskipper – one of the newest walkers off the production line!


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US M2A1 ‘Mudskipper’ Jump walker is a heavier platform deisigned to give the jump infantry some genuine punch as they advance in to enemy territory. With shock absorbers to handle the jumping manoeuvre and a stripped down chassis to save weight, the Mudskipper is proving a battle-winning addition to Jump Battalions.

The US M2A1 variant replaces the arm-mounted .50 cals with antitank rockets for additional firepower.

In Konflikt ’47

Cost: 240pts (Veteran)
Weapons: Twin forward-facing light autocannons, Forward-facing MMG, left and right armmounted HMG. 2 fists
Damage Value: 8+ (medium walker)
Replace HMGs with two arm-mounted bazookas for +10 points per arm.
Special Rules:


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