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Konflikt '47, Latest Products

New: Tesla AT Gun

US Scientists have managed to find a way to create a field variant of the Tesla Cannon, use it to destroy the horrors of the Axis forces! View in Store The Tesla cannon being deployed on a Sherman chassis, research continued into miniaturising and enhancing he clearly potent technology –in particular the size of the…

Konflikt '47, Latest Products

New: US Tesla AT Gun

Provide shocking results by upgrading your anti-tank weaponry with the new US Tesla AT gun! View in Store With production of Rift technology Tesla cannons steadily increasing, the US Army looked at other ways of getting this battle-winning technology on the frontline. Engineers looked to place a full-sized cannon onto an anti-tank gun mount. Trials proved successful…

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Wheels of Steel – 3 for 2 on Selected Resin Tanks

Load up for the summer offensive with a FREE vehicle from the huge Wheels of Steel collection when you buy 2 others. Hurry – limited time only. Below is the entire collection that is within the offer, so browse around and pick up what you need to end the war! Contents of the sale: Allies:…