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Espionage: Quick Preview of the units inside Konflikt ’47 Defiance

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New nations join the fray, new men are being recruited and new monsters and mechs are being created. Learn more about some of the new units that the latest Konflikt ’47 book, Defiance, brings onto the table…

In the world of Konflikt ’47, the war continues in 1947, and now, it’s escalated even further with the release of the new book supplement, Defiance.

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The book is divided into four sections, the first covers the new rules and errata, as well as the rules for national variations on the standard Reinforced Platoon structures in Konflikt ’47. The second introduces the fractured nation of Italy, with both some expanded history and the details of its forces. Then we turn to the new units of the existing nations before the final section presents additional information on the Konflikt ’47 setting, including a small mini-campaign that is set firmly in the Konflikt ’47 alternate history.

Let’s dive into some of the new units we’ve recently released…

The Italians join the fray…

A brutal division of leadership and politics has caused Italy to split, one side joining the Allies and the other with the Axis forces. Their militaries have also divided getting different resources from their new/old allies.

Bersaglieri Armoured Infantry Squad


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With a largely infantry based force, the use of Rift-tech designed heavy armour is a logical development for the ECI. Selecting the British Galahad suits as a base, they have been adapted to carry stylised gladiatorial helmets befitting the Bersaglieri’s reputation. The Italians now look to their elite Bersaglieri units to provide armoured spearhead troops for their mechanised and close assault operations.

Centurion Heavy Infantry Squad


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Whilst the most fanatical soldiers within the National Republican Army (ENR) often find their way to the Legio Aquilla, many loyal soldiers choose a path into the Centurion Heavy Infantry battalions. The armour itself is more ornate than its German predecessor, with imagery reminiscent of ancient Rome. It is perhaps overly ornate for frontline combat, but it increases the protection afforded to its wearer through the addition of a ballistic shield.

Unlike the German version, the assault rifle is fixed into the arm of the wearer, harder to reload, but easier to use with the ballistic shield. Nevertheless, the toughness and resilience of the Centurion suits are at the pinnacle of any nation’s Rift tech capability and presents a stiff obstacle for any Allied assault.

The German Reich Stands Tall!


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Recognised as highly versatile by the senior officers that appraised its early performance, the Schwerefeld Projektor had a reasonable anti-tank capability, a higher rate of fire than a traditional gun and a latent gravity field that restricted free movement. However, it was a weapon that required further enhancements.

Towed Schwerefeld Projektor

Improvements in Rift-tech power sources have enabled the scientific minds in Dresden to gradually reduce the size of the earliest Rift-tech weaponry. One such system is the Towed Schwerefeld Projektor, the placing of a projector weapon system onto a towed artillery mount with a separate power unit also towed by the same vehicle. After field trials using heavily armoured crew, the effectiveness of the weapon system has meant it has been rolled out to infantry units as a close support gun.

The Allies upgrade their arsenal!

Tesla AT Gun

With the introduction of towed Tesla weapons within US Armoured Infantry units, the US naturally expanded their use to the wider infantry as they become more available. The addition of a gun shield helps protect the crew from incoming small arms and shrapnel, whilst heavy protective vests and gloves help with the frequent electrical burns that often result from operating the weapon.

Honourable Mention

The Canadians Have been Beavering away…

Speaking of the story of Konflikt, the Canadians have gone above and beyond! They’re consistently handing it to the Axis forces, even with their dreadful machines and monsters! Whilst they’re not currently represented by an army list, you can certainly still field them!

You can use the Great Britain and the Commonwealth army lists to field your own Canadian units!