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New: Konflikt ’47 British Armoured Infantry Section

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Overwhelm the opposition with the new British Galahad Armoured Infantry…

British Armoured Infantry Section


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As most nations began adopting heavily-armoured infantry, the British took a more extreme view. With automatons providing close fire support to the infantry, it was decided that any armoured troops should be capable of providing a punch beyond that of current infantry. Therefore the British developed the Galahad Armoured Suits, intended to overwhelm opposition strong points. Although limited in number, careful and considered use has meant they have a growing and largely victorious reputation.

In Konflikt ’47

These Troops are large, tough, and resilient infantry ideal for bolstering a weak point in defences or spearheading a break through attack!

Cost: 150pts (Veteran).
Composition: 1 NCO and 3 men .
Weapons: LMG
Add up to 4 additional men at 35pts each
The squad may have anti-tank grenades for +2pts per model


  • 8 Galahad Armoured Infantry


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