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New: Cromwell with Tesla Cannon

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Available today rolling onto the front-line is the Cromwell with the Tesla Cannon, providing cover for their brothers in arms.

With Europe suffering the worst winter in memory, military activity slows to a crawl. Air operations struggle to have any impact and the Germans take advantage of the weather to consolidate their positions. At night, German and American super-soldiers conduct their own war within a war. All sides use the respite to develop increasingly sophisticated weaponry and restore the fighting strength of their forces.

The British favourite re-armed and ready for the front


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The Cromwell slowly filled the British ranks and became the go-to vehicle for the British however, with the Rift’s explosion of technology it was only natural to re-fit the Cromwell with top of the line weaponry, this being the deadly Tesla Cannon. The combination of U.S rift scientists and British engineering, created a tank that can deal with the latest biological and mechanical monsters that the war has created.

Cromwell-T on the field

Being a sturdy tank means you can place it anywhere knowing it will have a chance of survival, squadrons of 3 maximises both damage and endurance and you can use the Tank War rules for Konflict ’47 (check out this article). The Tesla Cannon does a lot of damage gain advantage with good positioning and troop support to dominate in all types of engagements.

Cost: 180pts (Regular), 210pts (Veteran).
Weapons: One turret-mounted M17 Tesla Cannon and one forward-facing hull-mounted MMG.
Damage value: 9+ (Medium tank).


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We need to stop the enemy advance! Send Reinforcements!


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