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New: Crates, Barrels, Sacks, Food Baskets, Factory Supplies, Oil Drums…

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Add some authentic detail to your battlefields with this new range of resin scatter terrain. Designed primarily for World War II era battles, many of the pieces look just as at home in a Black Powder battle, Judge Dredd and Gates of Antares games, or even the Wild West.

The first set is a large collection of crates, barrels, sacks and boxes, stacked in piles. They look great to depict a warehouse or supply post, and provide useful cover for your infantry!


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Set 2 provides individual crates and boxes, including some larger ones. These could also be put to good use as cargo in your trucks and halftracks:


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The Factory set contains some big industrial supplies – wire coils, pipes and stacks of timber:


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Finally we have a selection of food crates and baskets containing fruit, vegetables and fish!


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