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New: Bolt Action Vehicle Decal bundle deal

With people ordering more vehicles and tanks due to the release of our armoured platoon list we thought we would create a deal on our decals so you can get more for your money. Select any five of the vehicle decals in our webstore and pay for only four!

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If you haven’t downloaded the armoured platoon selectors yet we have made it available again below, do try it out as we have found two armoured platoons pitched against one another provide very exciting games.

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Armoured platoon competition winners!

With the release of the above list we had a compition where we asked you to select your best 1000 point armoured platoon and post them up on our Facebook page for all to see listing out what it contains and the points values.

The following two lists were the winners as they received the most likes(votes) with each of them winning their armoured platoon as a prize! Very soon we will be making both of these platoons available to buy as armoured platoon deals saving you some money.

Steve Kenniff 1,000 Point German Early War Armoured Platoon

Command Vehicle:
Panzer 38(t) Regular – 160 points

Compulsory Vehicles:
Panzer 38(t) Regular – 135 points
PanzerJager I Regular – 115 points

Additional Support:
Panzer I Sig33 Regular – 155 points
9 Waffen SS (Early) 2 SMG – 123 points, riding on a…
251/1 C Hanomag Regular – 89 points
9 Waffen SS (Early) 2 SMG – 123 points, riding on a…
251/1 C Hanomag Regular – 89 points

Total 989 points

Vanth SpiritWalker – Here is my suggestion, based on the Welsh Guard Recce with the XXX Corps for Market Garden. Everything listed is Regular:

Cromwell (Command Vehicle) – 220 points
Cromwell -195 points
Challenger (or Firefly, as discussed) -305 points
Infantry Section (NCO+9 men, SMG, Bren) -123  points, riding on a…
Inexperienced M5 Halftrack -79 points
Light Mortar Team -35 points, riding on a…
Jeep -21
Artillery FOO -Free
Jeep -21

999 points exactly…

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