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It’s time for all tank commanders to step into the turret of their machines and engage their enemies. Now with NEW Tank Ace Skills!


Fancy becoming a tank ace in your games of Bolt Action? Here you’ll find 4 fictional ACE’s ready to go in your friendly games of either Bolt Action or Tank War.

Watch Out! These tank ace models will only be available until the 31st May 2016!

Their abilities come direct from the Bolt Action supplement rules Tank War, in which you can develop your tank crew over a series of games, gaining experience points and gradually upgrading them until they become the ‘ultimate’ of aces.

What’s more Alessio Cavatore, rules author of Bolt Action, has brought us 4 new characterful ACE skills to add to those found in Tank War – helping us combine traits and tanks to create a British, German, American, and Soviet armoured ACE – each of which can be easily represented upon the tabletop battlefield with their own new bundles;

Each ACE bundle includes; 1 of our fantastic resin tanks (each of which comes with their own random crewman to represent the tank ace!) plus all these for FREE: Tank Damage markers (to emphasise your kills), 3 resin dragons teeth (denies the enemy access to an objective), and of course their special skills (including brand new skills to try) here:

Ace bundles are available in limited numbers so get in quick!

Sergeant Rock Rawlingson

In his Cromwell


Rock Rawlingson had joined up before the outbreak of war, after months of arduous training he was sent to join his unit in Egypt where he was to learn the art of tank combat in the deserts of North Africa. Having survived and gained promotion through battles in Italy he now finds himself heading for France as the experienced commander of a well drilled crew, mounted in a brand new and well camouflaged Cromwell.

Cost: 205pts (Regular)
Weapons: 1 turret-mounted 75mm medium anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG and hull-mounted MMG
Damage value: 9+ (Medium tank)
Special Rules: HE: instead of causing D2 HE hits an HE shell causes D6 hits (75mm gun tanks)
  • New Commander Skill – Burlap Camouflage: The vehicle can begin the game Hidden, even if it’s not in cover.
  • Battle Awareness: Play after both sides have deployed. If both players have and wish to use this ability, roll off to see who goes first. You may reposition this vehicle up to 12″ away from its original position, but still abiding by the deployment rules.


View Rock Rawlingson in Store


Oberleutnant Glückstreffer

In his Jagdpanther


Oberleutnant Glückstreffer found himself racking up the tally of enemy vehicles destroyed whilst on the Russian front. Now as the war comes to a close, he and his crew are finally given a weapon that they can use to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy once more.

Cost: 390pts (Regular)
Weapons: 1 hull-mounted forward facing super-heavy anti-tank gun and forward facing hull-mounted MMG
Damage value: 10+(Heavy tank)
  • New Gunner Skill – ÜberJäger: When the Jagdpanther fires against a vehicle and misses the target, the player may use this skill and immediately re-roll the die.
  • Adrenalin Rush: Play after you fire this vehicle’s main gun. The main gun may be fired a second time this turn, but must target the same unit as the first shot.


View Oberleutnant Glückstreffer in Store


Ivran Ovrue

In his KV1e


Ivran Ovrue like many has proved his loyalty many times over in combat using his tank at times as a battering ram to defend the motherland!

Cost: 350pts (Regular)
Weapons: 1 turret-mounted medium anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG and 1 forward-facing hull-mounted MMG
Damage value: 10+ (Heavy tank)
Special Rules: Slow
Armoured all round: The KV was almost as thickly armoured at the sides and rear as at the front – so no modifiers apply for penetration when shooting at the sides, rear or from above. All shots count the full armour value.
  • New Commander Skill – Bolt-on side armour plating: When the vehicle receives its first hit against its side armour, the enemy receives a –1 modifier to the roll against the vehicle damage value.
  • Quick reflexes: Play when an attack is declared against the vehicle. This vehicle may make an escape move, as if it had the Recce ability.


View Ivran Ovrue in Store


Marvin ‘Zippo’ Riley

In his Sherman M4A3 76mm


Marvin ‘Zippo’ Riley survived the early stages of the US entry into the war at Kasserine, learning the hard way just how vulnerable his tanks could be. Now with a command of his own he is determined to see his men through to the end, and with increasing experience he may just do that…

Cost: 185pts (Regular)
Weapons: 1 gyro-stabilised turret-mounted medium anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG and forward-facing  hull-mounted MMG
Damage value: 9+ (medium tank)
Options: May add a pintle-mounted MMG on the turret for +15pts
May upgrade the pintle-mounted MMG to a pintle-mounted HMG for +10pts
Special Rules: Easily catches fire: If a roll on the vehicle damage table results in the vehicle catching fire add D3 pin markers rather than just 1 before taking a moral test.
HE: instead of causing D2 HE hits an HE shell causes D6 hits
Thin sides: in the initial version, the side hull was very easily penetrated. All shots to the side of the vehicle get an additional +1 penetration modifier (i.e. +2 in total)
  • New Driver SkillSurvival Instinct: If an enemy unit fires against this tank and the shot is found to be in range, the vehicle can immediately be rotated up to 90 degrees in any direction (not if immobilized!).
  • Lucky: Play when the enemy is about to roll on the damage results chart against this vehicle. The roll is not made and the vehicle does not suffer any further adverse effects from the hit.


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Using Skills

Remember, skills represent special abilities associated with seasoned crews. Skills are once-per-game bonuses, which is to say a skill can be used only once by that crew during each game. The description of each skill tells you when it can be used. For more info check Tank War Page 27.

…and don’t forget to pick-up a copy of Tank War if you haven’t already – take your games of Bolt Action up a notch, gain skills for all your vehicles and sound the armoured advance!


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Tiger Hunt

Tiger Hunt

Fancy your chances at becoming a real ACE? Turn your PC volume up full and check out our ‘Tiger Hunt’ mini game here:

Tiger Hunt

Score your hits then get your ACE into action:

View Sergeant Rock Rawlingson in Store

View Oberleutnant Glückstreffer in Store

View Ivran Ovrue in Store

View Marvin ‘Zippo’ Riley in Store

Remember, ACE’s are only available while stocks last!