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Scenario: ‘Glory Hallelujah!’ Battle for Iuka – 1862

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The Confederacy, striving to assert its independence, opened fire on the Northern troops occupying Fort Sumter in Charleston harbour on April 12th 1861. Determined to preserve the Union, Northern troops headed south and on to Richmond! Over the next four terrible long years American armies tramped across American fields and burnt American farms as Americans killed Americans in a war the likes of which the nation had never seen before. The epic battles fought during the American Civil War proved beyond all doubt that war can be ‘all hell’.


Scenario 3 – Iuka – 1862

Glory Hallelujah! is packed with great photography, history, rules and scenarios to try out. Here is one such for you to try – the Battle for Iuka, gateway to Mississippi…

In September 1862 the Confederate Army of the West, under Major General Stirling Price, occupied the town of Iuka, Mississippi. The Union commander, Grant, perceived that Price had over extended himself and despatched a force to crush Price’s smaller force. The Union troops advanced in two mutually un-supporting columns. Price saw his chance to pounce and, alerted by superior reconnaissance, sent two brigades to meet Rosecrans’s column just to the south of Iuka.

The Armies

Glory List Confed
Glory List Union


All of the woods are light and the fields are open spaces.

Glory11Glory Hallelujah! page 136


The two armies deploy as per the map. The Union must place one brigade (it was Sanborn’s in the battle) at the head of their advance in area A and one brigade should deploy in area B (Sullivan’s in the battle). The remaining Union brigade arrives on game turn 3 within 12″ of point C in any formation. Hebert’s brigade should deploy in area D and Martin’s in area E. This was a Confederate attack against Rosecrans’s approaching army, so we allow the Confederates to move first. The battle should last no more than 7 game turns.

Special Rules

The Union can claim a victory if they defeat the Confederate army and hold the road junction in the Confederate deployment area with an un-shaken regiment at the end of the game.


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