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John Stallard adds reinforcements

John has been adding more to his German and British Bolt Action armies. We’ll let him explain…

“I realised I needed another towing vehicle for my PaK 36’s so the Horch field car was ideal for that. I always try and add extra crew to a vehicle, even a softskin to make them come to life. A quick assembly of one of Warlord’s plastic Blitzkrieg Germans with an MP38 placed on the floor of the carrier gave it a better feel – so much better than just a solo driver. Then I added a sniper rifle on the back seat too.”

“The Panzer IV Ausf. D was the second I have painted – a really lovely model. I weathered it a bit with a dusty finish, and it can now fight in the last days of the French campaign or rumble into Russia. Again I wanted to give it more character so added an mg34 gunner from the Panzergrenadier regiment that would accompany the tanks, spraying his enemies with the MG34 to keep tank hunters at bay.”

“And finally, my beloved late war WW2 Tommies. Paul Sawyer gave me an assembled scout car in exchange for a bacon sandwich (he’s that sort of fellow). A good coat of British Army bronze green and some mud and dust gave me a neat-looking scout car, perfect for recce work on those dangerous French roads. Don’t write in about its markings – I made them up. I am sure they are not perfect by any means, they were just the transfers I had to hand!”

“When you get the urge to make tanks it is overwhelming, but need not take long – each vehicle took me only an hour to do (yes, I know it looks like it too) but I now have three more great-looking vehicles to trundle to the front, and you can NEVER have too many AFV choices!”


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