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Hungarian Army HQ

Since 1872, the Ludovica Military Academy had been turning out competent and efficient officers and graduated the majority of officers for the Hungarian Army. A core of competent and educated officers struggled to handle the large expansion of the Hungarian Army to meet the needs of the Eastern Front. The Hungarians enjoyed a professional and experienced core of staff officers.

Hungarian Army Medium Machine Gun Team

The Schwarzlose 7/31M machine gun was used extensively in World War I and put to use right away in the new conflict. The Hungarians also used the German MG34 and MG42 extensively, as well as captured Soviet models.

Hungarian Army Medium Mortar Team

Like virtually all nations, the Hungarians adopted a medium mortar based on the French Brandt 81.4mm. The 36/39M was common throughout the Hungarian Defence Force and employed modern shaped charges to good effect.

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Fortress Budapest!

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Defend your Homeland!

Hungarian Starter Force


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