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Bolt Action: Collecting Hungarians

The Hungarian Army benefitted from strong officer training and axis support. We look at collecting a Hungarian Army in Bolt Action. Why collect Hungarians? The Hungarian Army operated in support of the German Army in their invasion of Southern Russia, pushing as far as Stalingrad in Operation Barbarossa. Following their crushing defeat at the historic…

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Hungarian Army anti-tank Weapons

The Hungarian Army receives vital reinforcements to defend against the enemy armour. Enter the Pak 40, Solothurn anti-tank rifle and the Panzerschreck. The Hungarian Army had to adapt quickly after joining the Axis war effort. Although they retained a highly effective officer training programme, the lack of effective anti-tank weaponry available to them was a…

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Legends of Hungary: Major Edomer Tassonyi

Born on 6 October 1910 in Nagyláz, Hungary, Edömér Tassonyi joined the Royal Hungarian army in 1938, where he was commissioned as a junior Lieutenant in the newly formed Parachute Assault Regiment. He soon gained recognition from his men and superiors for demonstrating outstanding leadership. By October 1944 Major Tassonyi was the commanding officer of…

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