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Hobby: John Stallard’s Latest Offerings

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What’s the boss been up to now?!

Always keen to tinker around with our latest releases, the big boss of Warlord, John Stallard has been excitedly showing off his latest modelling exploits around the office!

Morris CS8 Field Tractor

John Stallard Morris CS8 (1)

The Morris has been painted rather handsomely in Mickey Mouse camouflage pattern – a simple paintscheme with as little fuss as possible! Even having a go at perspex for windows, that little detail can go a long way to making your models stand out.

John Stallard Morris CS8 (3)

Always a fan of adding character and a little comedy where possible, John included a model in the back of the truck, having a crafty cigarette!

John Stallard Morris CS8 (2)

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Chasseurs a Cheval

Having been spurred on by a recent game of Black Powder with Mr Rick Priestley, John decided more reinforcements were needed (as if he needed an excuse!) so out came our latest Napoleonic plastic set – the French Chasseurs a Cheval. He added an additional model to the unit, bolstering their number to 14, and set to work!

John Stallard Chasseurs a Cheval (3)

Taking a mere 6 hours with the easy ‘Army Painter’ system, Johns new favorite ‘Soft Tone‘ came in handy!
Take note of the Elite Company with their Busby and red plume and the metal Officer and Trumpeter. John also had great fun with the new Warlord range of basing tufts along with the grasses from Army Painter:

John Stallard Chasseurs a Cheval (4)


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Napoleonic Guard Grenadiers



There are few soldiers more famous than the Grenadiers of the Old Guard – arguably the most resolute and famous soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars. Their ranks were made up of veteran soldiers of many campaigns who would literally give their lives for their Emperor if needed.

Formed from the Consular Guards in 1804, they were the elite of an elite, each man hand-picked for his height and military bearing. They proudly grew fierce moustaches, powdered their pigtailed hair, and wore gold earrings which gave them a glamorous if wild countenance.

These loyal soldiers served their Emperor well and earned their nickname ‘Les Grognards’ (grumblers) as they marched all over Europe, smashing France’s foes on battlefield after battlefield.


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We’ve featured a whole host of John’s hobby projects – ranging from the wacky to the sublime…try clicking each of the images below to see some of his other tinkerings!











Whatever will he dream up next?!