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Hobby: John Stallard’s Crimean British and Poles

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Hoots mon! That tyrant John Stallard has stolen all the promo models from the staff at Warlord and has amassed a Crimean Scottish regiment formed solely on Big Wullies!! It’s Big Wullie and his brothers, painted by Alan Mander!

The command group however are from the splendid Foundry range. The Jocks are the 42nd Highlanders – the famous Black Watch.

That is the benefit of being the boss I suppose and no amount of pleading will get Big Wullie released on it’s own, so don’t even ask!

This unit has been added to by a regiment of Crimean British line infantry regiment also painted by Alan Mander .


This unit is the 30th Regiment of Foot – the Cambridge regiment in their yellow facings. Note that the Queen’s colour is carried on the right of the centre, always the case with British units, apart from the Guards regiments who naturally have to do things the opposite way round!

John also had painted up a splendid General, Sir George Brown cheering on his brave boys. He is marked out from the rank and file by being mounted on a circular base.


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Of course, he’s done the easy things himself…

Poles-1Continental telegraph poles made by the boys at Sarrissa Precision – easy to assemble and taking two or three minutes to paint and base they transform the looks of any French battlefield. Check out some photos of the Normandy fighting and then think what is missing from your battlefield. You also get loads of sign posts too which are very cool indeed, even if they are beyond John’s whit to paint….

Poles-2As a finale, John has made up this cute water fountain, again from Sarrissa it’s easily assembled and with fountains like these have been around Europe for donkey’s years a great addition to any scenery collection.

Fountain-6A spray of grey for the stone work, some metal for the pipes and then some slimey moss and rust streaks to show how often it is used. John could not resist adding water to it and his solution was brutal and very effective. He simply added a thimble full of Army Painter dip to the basin and waited till it dried(a whole day!) then when it was sealed he added more dip so that it appears a shiny liquid but clearly dirtied by repeated attention from cavalry regiments.


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