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Highlight: M3 Grant Medium Tank with Track Guards

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The Medium Tank M3 was an American lend lease tank used by the British as well as the Americans during World War II. In Britain the tank had a different turret variant than the US M3 Lee and were known as Grants, named after U.S. General Ulysses S. Grant.

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British Lees and Grants were in action against Rommel’s forces during the North African Campaign. Their appearance was a surprise to the Germans, who were unprepared for the M3s 75 mm gun.

Grants served in North Africa until the end of the campaign and were generally appreciated for their mechanical reliability, good armour protection and heavy firepower. This variant comes complete with trackguards which offered the tank even better protection during battle, in all the theatres it served in.


M3 Grant In Bolt Action

The full rules for the M3 Grant, and indeed the M3 Lee variants both used by the British, can be  found in the Armies of Great Britain supplement (Pg47).

The Lee was the original version of this tank, with the Grant being modified specifically to suit the British requirements. Production rates meant that the British ended up receiving both versions.

  • Principal service: 1941–43.
  • Numbers manufactured: 6,258.
Cost: 168pts (Inexperienced), 210pts (Regular)
Weapons: 1 hull-mounted medium anti-tank gun covering the front and right arcs, 1 turret-mounted light anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG
Damage Value: 9+ (Medium Tank)
Special Rules: HE: Instead of causing D2 HE hits, an HE shell causes D6 hits (75mm gun tanks)
Easily catches fire: If a roll on the vehicle damage table results in the vehicle catching fire add D3 pin markers rather than just 1 before taking a morale test
Vulnerable: Because of the riveted construction, all shots to the side and rear of the vehicle get an additional +1 penetration modifier (i.e. in total, +2 for side hits and +3 for rear hits)


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