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Zombie Painting: The complete series

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Ever panicked over what paint you may need for the zombie apocalypse? Fear not the horde as these sets will see you through your gang colours and down to the last drop of zombiefied flesh!


Start with the uniquely mixed range from Army Painter and get yourself slapping on the coloured stuff with the FREE brush included:

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If you’re focused on surviving and your gang could do with perking up, try a bit of colour, this set is ideally mixed to give you street cred whilst striking down those hordes!

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Fancy a bit more colour for your newly acquired freshly zombie gang? This set brightens the day and makes sure the living get to see you coming!

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Ghoulish tones scream to be used from this, the latest set to claw it’s way from beyond the grave! This set rounds off the extensive colour range with a bonus FREE brush.

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Project Z

Project Z is a skirmish wargame for 1 to 3 players taking control of Survivors or a Street Gang fighting to survive against the environment and an ever-growing horde of Zombies. Project Z is a fast and easy to learn game containing 39 detailed self-assembly plastic models, rules, counters and specially designed dice and cards.


Pre-order now for shipping early April –

The Complete action packed Zombie bundle deal containing the full Project Z range:

  • Project Z – The Zombie Miniatures Game
  • Zombie Horde Expansion Set
  • Male Survivors Expansion Set
  • Biker Gang Expansion Set
  • Female Survivors Expansion Set
  • Special Operations Team Expansion Set
  • Feral Dogs FREE!

NB Pre-Order window ends on 11th March

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