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Get Started with a Free Plastic Sprue!

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To help you get started in a new period we are giving away a FREE sprue of your choice, from those available, to hone your skills on with your new paint set. Make sure you choose which sprue you would like from the list.

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If you’re just setting out in the big world of Wargaming you’ll notice a lot of levels of painting – from the undercoated green (or white) army through to the other extreme of seemingly unachievable looking artworks.

At the end of the day no matter what period or game you’ve chosen you just have to get stuck in and have a go! Including 9 of your mainstay colours, a quick shade ink, and a brush this set is the perfect starting point.

Army Painter have a fantastic Quick Shade Ink system that allows you to easily achieve an almost professional finish in minutes check out the Tutorial here:


How to use Quick Shade




So painting is as easy as base colour and dip with the Army Painter system!

To help you get started and have a go at painting something before you lay brush to infantry or tank we’re giving you a choice between one of the following FREE Plastic Sprues:



Just choose from one from the menu to go with your set – Time to get painting & see you on the Battlefield soon!

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